Cinema grattacielo

by Marco Bertozzi

Biografilm Italy

(Italy / 2017 / 97’)

A monstrosity, or a paradise of modernity? Rimini Skyscraper has devided opinions since its inauguration in 1960, a monument to Italy’s progressiveness as it rose out of its poor and rural past, a monolith of concrete and glass destined to house the most wealthy citizens. Then, gradually, the euphoria of the economic boom faded. It remained like a foreign body in the urban landscape, feebly echoing a past of pop interiors and raucous condominium gatherings, the legendary mass tourism and hedonism of the Romagna Riviera. The writer Ermanno Cavazonni gives voice to the skyscraper, entering into a dialogue with the spectator and the director. The curious gaze of this film oscillates between yesterday’s stories and the humanity that lives within it today.