Children Online

by Kateřina Hager

Digital Revolutionᶟ - The Millennials

(Repubblica Ceca / 2017 / 52’)

Zachy is only twelve years old, but his YouTube channel has more than 120,000 subscribers and some ‘enemies’. Oskar, thirteen, emerges from his room to attend a summer camp of non-stop videogaming. Nikola, fifteen, falls in love online and becomes victim to a sexual predator. Three youngsters like any others, who have shifted their social and emotional lives into a parallel reality, which seems less uncertain and threatening than those in ‘real life’. But they’re not. The director illustrates how new technologies are changing the way children and teenagers learn, and guides us through the potential of growth but also of trauma of the new ‘fairy tale world’ that lives in our home, just on the other side of a very permeable screen.