Bill Frisell: a portrait

by Emma Franz

Biografilm Music

(Australia / 2017 / 114’)

A genuine guitar hero, but void of any prima donna tendencies: the eclectic Bill Frisell, the six-strings genius, allows himself to be contemplated by Emma Franz's camera in this careful character portrait. We trace a career that led him to play with the biggest names and range the widest range of genres, from rock to folk, jazz to bluegrass, we re-live the making of the legendary album Hemispheres and the electric atmosphere of sold-out shows at the Village Vanguard. Between lessons with Michael Gibbs in London and walks through Greenwich Village, treading in Bob Dylan's footsteps, in amongst chats with his wife Carol, a painter, and spontaneous bursts into musical improvisations, Frisell allows us though this unique perspective to retrace his creative path.

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