Bagnini e bagnanti

by Fabio Paleari

Biografilm Italy

(Italy / 2017 / 75’)

Rimini, Riccione, Ostia: across Italy’s beaches, raise your hand if you’ve never winked at a lifeguard or at least fantasized about a summer fling. The lifeguards know this: and that’s not the only thing they know. In this film, they tell of their adventures: work, the sea, sex... A scene that, since the holiday boom of the 1960s to today, shifts with the changing relationship with women, both Italian and foreign. But are these lifeguards really all womanisers? So many affairs and not even a scar? The film offers a more intimate portrait, entering into the desires and vulnerabilities that the commonplace hides. Below all that muscle there beats a heart that can be broken, too.