Alain Danielou: il Labirinto di una Vita

by Riccardo Biadene

Biografilm Music

(Italy, Svizzera / 2017 / 78’)

In 1932, Alain Danielou sets off on a journey of spirituality, existentialism and music, to escape a West that he found suffocating. Together with his partner, photographer Raymond Burnier, he leaves Brittany to embark on a journey of discovery that will lead him to the banks of the River Ganges. He will spend 15 years in the Rewa palace of Varanasi studying Sanskrit, Vedic texts, Indian philosophy, music and dance in search of a harmony between nature and spirit that the continent on which he was born seems to have forgotten. An intimate, exotic, unsettling and yet familiar film that follows a complex and fascinating life path but, just like a maze, maps out a deeper exploration of existence, destined to bring us back to our centre.