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Biografilm School 2016: learn from the best lives

Dedicated towards young adults between the ages of 18 and 25: 30 study grants are available for the fouth edition of Biografilm School!


The students of Biografilm School meet the director Patricio Guzmàn, winnder of the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival 2015 and of the Best Film Unipol Award at Biografilm 2015.


Biografilm School is the innovative training scheme supported by Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna and Biografilm Festival for young people between the ages of 18 and 25 who are also residents of Bologna or Ravenna (and the province) or subscribed to the academic year 2016/17 of the University of Bologna or Ravenna or the l’Academia di Belle Arti of Bologna. The Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna makes available to the selected students 30 study grants to the value of €500 which goes towards covering the cost of participating with Biografilm School.  Only €100 is asked of the selected students to contribute towards the administration and subscription fees.


Biografilm School is not a master degree nor a keynote speech, but a way to form a dialogue between under 25s and established figures from the world of cinema, literature, music and comunication.    


Biografilm School, thanks to the collaboration with Biografilm Festival, gives participants the possibility to enjoy a uniquely formative experience, which includes taking part in the festival, seeing behind the scenes, learning the basic aspects of organisation, taking part in the official daily-press of the festival, learning the tricks of the set, attending events dedicated to the noted international guests and seeing all of the films selected for the festival thanks to the free accreditation given to the participants.  


The students of Biografilm School with Lenny Abrahamson, director of Frank, Oscar nominated for his film Room


Biografilm School takes place every June. The daily commitment can vary from 4 to 6 hours, depending on the availability and the desire to learn of the participants. During their training, the participants will be constantly guided by professionals, learning coodinators and experts from the sector.


The training proposal ranges from masterclasses – with directors, writers, artistic guests of Biografilm and the professionals who work to organise the Festival -  the approach of learning by doing allows students to learn in a formative way, with practical experience of:


  • Articles, interviews, reviews to be included in the official Daily-press of the Festival.
  • Teasers and clips through which the students can have a go first hand at the production of audio-visual material and information of films and film makers who are in competition. 
  • Events to create and organise which will enrich the exciting and engaging atmosphere of Biografilm.


Biografilm School proposes three different routes for the students:

The students are free to follow all or only 1 or 2 (it is advised to follow all of them so that it puts to the test even little known aspects or fields)


Press – Editorial staff. Deepened knowledge of aspects of communication and journalism. How does the creation of a newspaper work and the work of a cinema press office? Social Media Marketing: Communication and Promotion. Traditional communication: how do you create a daily paper? The course students can submerge themselves in the creation of a daily Festival paper, created with the help of the best professionals of the sector and which is distributed through Bologna.


Movie – Issues related to language and audiovisual creation will be studied. Web TV, viral, documentation, promotional, news report, logbook, for example learning how to create video diaries from a festival. The students of the course follow professionals, creating journalist clips which tell stories of the festival in original and creative ways.


Events – The creation and organisation of a big event. What is an event? The idea, the context / products, logistics, audience. At the same time as the festival, it gives a way to closely observe different roles and teams and the phases of work necessary for the realisation of a festival. The students can put into practice what they have learned by creating, under the supervision of professionals, some special events within Biografilm Festival.


Biografilm School represents a unique opportunity for who wants to learn an art or a profession, for whoever wants to demonstrate their excellence in a field.


In past editions, students of Biografilm School have been able to study with many different masters of their field to receive advice, answers, suggestions and real life lessons.


Of all of the many fantastic guests we would like to thank: Donn Alan Pennebaker, Ed Lachman, Lenny Abrahamson, Giuliano Montaldo, Nicolas Philibert, Matteo Garrone, Patricio Guzmán, Enrico Lucherini, Roberto Minervini.


The students of Biografilm School with the journalist Enrico Lucherini.


The students of Biografilm School with the phographic director Ed Lachman, twice nominated at the Oscars.


Requirements to participate with Bioschool:


  • be aged between 18 and 25 years old
  • be born or a resident of the province of Bologna or Ravenna, or subscribed to University of Bologna or Ravenna, or l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna.
  • The love of cinema, passion for journalism and diverse forms of communication and interest in event organisation.
  • A good knowledge of the English language (some ofthe master classes could be conducted in English).


Biografilm School is available to a maximum of 30 participants.


To fill out the subscription form, click on Request to take part and send to the e-mail address: bioschool@biografilm.com alongwith your CV, a copy of an ID within its validation date which certifies you to have been born or be a resident of Bologna or Ravenna, or a copy of a university document which confirms your birth date and inscription of the accademic year 2016-2017 at Univeristy of Bologna, Ravenna or l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna.


Without sending these documents you will be automatically excluded from the selection.


The selection of all candidates will be through evaluation of the curriculums sent by candidates. Judgement is made by those responsible within the organisation.


Thanks to the Fondazione del Monte 30 study grants are made available which cover the entire cost of the course, students will only be charged €100 to cover administration and inscription costs. Requests for scholarships will be evaluated by an internal committee. The mode of payment will be communicated via e-mail to selected.